7 days

“Tensions are our guests; we have invited them. Relaxation is our nature, we don’t have to invite it. You don’t have to relax; you have to just stop inviting tensions, and relaxation will start on it’s own accord.” – Osho

The magical and restorative powers of Vale de Moses will provide you with the perfect backdrop to unwind and feel nurtured, whilst the fusion of yoga and Pilates classes will help you to reconnect to your centre and feel physically and mentally realigned, revitalized and rejuvenated. You will be invited to breathe deeply and peel back the layers of tension and residue to deliver you sweetly back to yourself and your true nature.

This week will celebrate the similarities and differences between yoga and Pilates. Morning yoga practices will be breath initiated, mindful and be flowing. At times we’ll go slow and keep it simple and soothing and other times we’ll pick up the intensity with some deep and strong poses. You will be encouraged to journey inside and explore your own felt sense awareness to facilitate presence and connection to yourself and discover freedom, clarity, and joy.

In our afternoon Pilates workshops, we will explore what ‘core’ really means and learn how to move from our center whilst experiencing first hand the transformative power that this has in enhancing our yoga practice, making it safer, more powerful, graceful and fluid.

All are welcome and no previous experience of yoga or Pilates is required.


7 days

All food, accommodation and facilities Half hour private health consultation
 Transportation from Oleiros to Amieira and from Amieira to Oleiros One hour Body Harmonising massage – Thai, Tui Na, Indonesian, Ayurvedic and/or Acupuncture
5 Morning Yoga Classes 4 Afternoon workshops
Guided silent morning walks in the forest   A midweek trip to the Rio Zêzere for a mud bath and swim (weather permitting).


August 19 to 25


A possibility of extra accommodation and tours before and after the retreat.

Yoga Teacher: Ali Burrell

Additional treatments available from therapists for 80€ per 90 minutes


800€ each per week in a Soulpad belle tent in the forest. 900€ for a place in a shared cottage or for couples or friends sharing a private bedroom. 1200€ for single occupancy of a private double bedroom. 10% discount for returning guests, a 2-week stay or groups of 4 or more.


For more information please contact us.