3 days
Porto & North

At Vila Pouca de Aguiar, Serra do Alvão, Trás-os-Montes, experience a retreat with a 3days/2nights experiences. Includes activities such as meditation, yoga, silent walks in Nature, rounds of talks and ayurvedica food, made by the Chef Catarina Valente. “Restart” again, because it´s always possible to restart and become happier today than you were yesterday.


8 days

Domus heated place, located in the middle of leafy trees of the region. Stay in heated and equipped independent rooms or houses ( T1 or T3 houses)
 Feeding scheme Private Kitchen (all meals on Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
Transport and yoga mat.

Minimum and maximum number of participants: 1 to 10 participants


Recommendations and what to take:

  • Comfortable and warm clothes ;
  • Blindfolds;
  • Comfortable footwear for hiking;
  • Blanket for practices;
  • Warm and comfortable training clothes for practices;
  • Yoga mat;
  • Notepad;
  • Open heart.


Terms & Conditions

Reservations: until January 30th 2020

Arrival time: from 4:00pm

Payments: 50% on registration and the remaining 50% on the first day of the retreat. If you cancel up to 5 days before, there will be no refund of the amount.


18h30 Check-in e Welcome. Presentation.

19h15  Sunset Yoga-Lagoon.

20h00  Ayurvédica Food. Private Kitchen with Catarina Valente Tu Alma Veda.

21h30 Interactive Lecture “What brought us here, what we want to transform”.

22h00  Meditation Session and Relaxation for restorative sleep.


8h00 Morning Yoga.

9h10 Breakfast. Ayurvédica Food. Private Kitchen.

10h00 The balance between heart, mind, and soul.

13h00  Lunch in group. Ayurvédica food. Private Kitchen.

14h30 Holistic awareness. Wheel of Reflection.

15h30 Meditation and reflection about energy and compassion-Practical exercises.

16h15 Walk-in Natur: in silence we hear the voice of the heart and  Sunset Yoga.

20h00 Dinner in group. Ayurvédica food. Private Kitchen.

21h00 “Celebrating life is living each moment as one, having the moon’s brightness rejoicing that moment”- Round of talk about the Pilars of Joy.


8h00 Happy Flow practice.

9h15 Breakfast. Ayurvédica food. Private Kitchen.

9h00 Interactive lecture – “Be your own Guru”.

11h00 Meditation in movement, the Forces of Nature.

13h00 Lunch in group. Ayurvèdica food. Private Kitchen.

15h00 Sharing experiences lived during the retreat.

4* or Boutique Hotels; Charm Rural Houses