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Santiago’s Way is a myth of ancestral origins. Through time, the “Way of the Stars” towards the West, ending in Galicia, has attracted people’s indeterminable intuition or desire for spiritual nourishment.

The “Way” is a path of spiritual initiation, change & rebirth, a labyrinth with the common goal that pushes one westward towards the Atlantic. The countless paths that cross the Iberian Peninsula slowly consolidated into a tradition and, like a star, all converge to Santiago.

Today, however, incorporated with the spiritual mystic of the Ways, we find common route factors – some of them related to the need of personal development and resilience while others are itineraries of cultural and touristic purposes, all creating powerful tools of regional development.

From the South of the Peninsula, two of these Ways cross the entire Portuguese territory leading to Santiago de Compostela (more than 800 km each). Be it for a spiritual or touristic purpose, we invite you to explore the Portuguese Central and East Ways – perhaps these are more demanding and less frequented, but maybe for this reason, more genuine and defiant.

These are itineraries of discovery, be it “self” or touristic. This motivation is strengthened by the fact that there are several options delivered to the traveller, each built upon the historical pieces of evidence of the presence of the “Santiago Order” all along Portugal. Provided with your pilgrim passport – and our services – you will never feel alone. In every crossroad, your choices will help you decide the journey, stage by stage, until the final destiny… in the Caminho as in Life!

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Faro, Tavira or other intermediate locations

Any duration

Comfortable and appropriate to walking or/and biking clothing and footwear; hat or cap.
Welcome briefing/information Live Tracker device with SOS
Road-Book, maps, gps files Hot Line 24h
Luggage transfer during Program
All meals Personal sports equipment
Transfers All that is not referred as “Included”
– This is a minimum-base support service. We’ll provide various levels of service packs adjusted to you needs – Please request more information as per your requirements

Recommended: April – June; September – November

Tailor-made program.  Pease let us know your specifications.

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