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The region of Fátima is well known for the events related to the apparitions of Our Lady in 1917 in front of three local children. But this “Altar of the World” of the cult of Mary was not the first location of the region to witness the extraordinary events that attracted millions of worshippers to the sanctuary in Cova da Iria. Even before 1917th Fátima apparition, six others “Marian-apparitions” occurred, mainly in the 17th century. Being registered deep in the people’s collective memory and in the popular religiosity, these apparitions are still celebrated until today in other sanctuaries and temples.

The illuminating “7 Enchanted Ladies” or the unusual images that help distressed women, the miraculous waters, the hermetic symbols and marks, the imposing caves, all are unexplained phenomena and evidence mysteriously concentrated in the Center Region of Portugal.

On foot or by bike follow the “cultural” paths for Fátima, and become versed on the unexplained evidence of six other “Marian Apparitions” centralized in the same region. Along the way, allow yourself to be delighted by the landscape and the gastronomy of the region.

DURATION   3 to 7 nights on the route with a group guide
WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing, hat, jacket, and sunscreen.



2 participants



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