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Walk or cycle from Nazaré, place of the famous giant waves, to the most western point of Europe, along with the coastal scenario of spectacular beaches,  cliffs and typical fishing spots and medieval villages.

McNamara surfed the biggest wave ever – heading to the most western tip of Europe at Roca Cape, you will hike & cycle impressive coastal cliffs, pass through typical fishing villages and experiencing the genuine lifestyle. Relax in gorgeous white sandy surfer paradise beaches while delighting in fresh fish straight from the nets.

On your journey, you will discover medieval villages and UNESCO heritage monasteries, dinosaur traces and charming rural farms and traditions. After reaching the last stretch of land at Roca Cape where the ocean invites explorers to the sea, you can’t finish your journey without a stopover in Sintra historical Village for kings with exuberant palaces and parks.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Leiria, Sintra, Atlantic Route
DURATION   3 to 7 nights on route without a guide
WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing, hat, jacket, and sunscreen.



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