4 to 5 hours
Porto & North

Trekking da Teixeira, is a mountain hike held in Peneda-Gerês National Park, which will start at the Miradouro da Pedra Bela. We will walk the trails that are used by the local shepherds in the famous vezeiras. The vezeira consists of the joining of the livestock of a village, to be shepherded on vacant common grounds – baldios. It is based on the grouping of livestock owners, following established communitarian rules of operationtransmitted from generation to generation. The main role of all the members of the vezeira is to lead the livestock in turns.  

In this trekking we will pass in some of the most panoramic meadows of the Serra do Gerês, as is the case of the Lomba do Vidoeiro or the Teixeiraand we will walk on the banks of the Arado river, being able to appreciate its lagoons and waterfalls Don’t miss this opportunity to relax and walk some of the most iconic trails of Serra do Gerês! 



Half-day (4 to 5 hours)

GuideSnacks and Insurance of Personal Accidents.

Minimum and maximum number of participants: No minimum – 15 participants max

Difficulty: Low/Medium  (Positive Slope: 550 metersCumulative Gain: 1100 meters)

Distance: 12km, circular 

Group prices: 2 pax – 29€/pax; 3 a 4 pax – 24€/pax; 5 a 8 pax – 19€/pax


Recommended Material  

Trail Running shoes or Trekking boots, backpack (10 to 15 liters capacity). As for the safety material, we advise you to bring a thermal blanket, whistle, mobile phone, and front. 



The clothing to be worn must be comfortable and elastic so that it can move well. Since we will be crossing areas at altitude, you must also bring windbreaker or waterproof jacket. 


Food and Liquids 

We advise you to bring with you dried fruits, sandwiches and fresh fruit to replenish a consumption of about 1000/1500 kcal. Gel or energy bars can be substitutes. As for hydration, you should bring a Camelbak or bottles with a capacity of 1 to 1.5 liters. Drinks carried in thermal bottles are also a good hydration solution. 



– Possibility of a two days Trekking activity (Minimum 2pax 110€/pax; 3 to 4pax – 100€/pax; 5 to 8pax – 90€/pax) 


      - possibility of scheduling lunch at a local restaurant.  


       - possibility of scheduling overnight stay 

                                – Pousada de S. Bento – Grupo Pestana  

                                - Casa do Contador (AL) at Vieira do Minho