Half-day (3 to 4 hours)
Porto & North

The Trail Adventure of the Waterfalls is an activity carried out in the central/eastern area of Peneda-Gerês National Park (PNPG), in  MontalegreWith this active tourism experience, we intend to provide a better knowledge of the natural space, of the culture and daily exchanges connected to the mountain and to share some of our experience, in a unique place like Serra do Gerês. 

With 17km distance and 900 meters of positive slope, this route is suitable for practitioners with experience of Trail Running or Fast Hiking. It is a circular route, that beginand ends in the village of Fafiãoalso known as the “Aldeia do Lobo” (Wolf village). We will pass through the altitude meadows where the Pincães river flows, in the Pincães waterfalls, Ponte da Matança or Prado da Carvalhosa. 

This trail mixes some rolling zones, with other areas a little more technical and challenging that will require particular attention of the participants, always with the possibility of seeing the garrano horse, native species that can be found in the National Park. The visit to the centuries-old silhas of bears, where today is produced the very famous urze honey, is another point of interest, not to be missed Come and explore with us!  



 Fafião village


Half-day (3 to 4 hours) 

Guide and Insurance of Personal Accidents.

Minimum and maximum number of participants: no minimum – 8 max

Difficulty: Medium (Positive Slope: 900 meters, Cumulative Gain: 1800 meters) 

Distance: 17 km

Group prices: 2pax – 29€/pax; 3 a 4pax – 24€/pax; 5 a 8 pax – 19€/pax 


Recommended Material  

Trail Running shoes and backpack (10 to 15 liters capacity). As for the safety material, we advise you to bring a thermal blanket, whistle, mobile phone and front. 



The clothing to be worn appropriate to the meteorological conditions previously indicated. As a rule, you should wear clothing (shorts; corsairs; jersey or light T-shirt; windbreaker) with you, always keeping in mind that you are on medium mountain terrain with all the precautions that this implies. 


Food and Liquids 

We advise you to bring with you dried fruits, sandwiches and fresh fruit to replenish a consumption of about 1000/1500 kcal. Gel or energy bars can be substitutes. As for hydration, you should bring a Camelbak or bottles with a capacity of 1 to 1.5 liters. Drinks carried in thermal bottles are also a good hydration solution.