No Interior/Centro de Portugal, você encontrará uma vasta região de beleza inegável e património histórico.

A omnipresente Serra da Gardunha, as casas graníticas de pequenas aldeias, as tradições e práticas das pessoas são personificadas no trabalho de argila, vinhas, azeite e queijo. Tudo isso reflete a natureza, a história e a cultura que devem ser mostradas e conhecidas.


1 dia

Roupa e calçado confortável e adequado para caminhadas, chapéu e protetor solar.
Seguro Guia  Degustação de vinho, azeite e queijos


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9h30AM: Departure
Meeting point: Fundão
Presentation of the tour guide and program

Guided tour to the House of Clay. Homage to the local pottery tradition, a popular form of art almost disappeared. The House provides the historical perspective of a local tradition that has passed down from generation to generation.


Visit a certified olive oil press and wine cellar. Taste the regional flavours.

The increasing exports reflect the importance of the wine culture in this region. Since the Roman ages that people have been growing vineyards on the fertile lands of Cova da Beira, between the foothills of the Gardunha and Estrela mountains, fed by the abundant waters of the Zêzere river. This is your chance to taste the local nectar of the gods.

The olive oil is one of the more refined products of this area, symbolising ancient traditions and strongly represented in Portuguese cuisine. In these facilities you can observe and be familiarised with the whole procedure to obtain the purest olive oil. Here it is treated as a true relic, which is reflected in its unique quality.

1h00PM: Lunch in Fundão (Not included).
2h45PM: Guided pedestrian tour to the center of the historic village of Castelo Novo, “the granite jewel”.

Belonging to the “Historical Villages” net, Castelo Novo has, like so many of its neighbour villages, the splendour of medieval ages, although its origins are far more remote. Here we can watch the well preserved architectural heritage and its range of styles: Medieval, Gothic and Manueline.

4h30PM: Guide tour to a cheese dairy and DOP Cheese tasting.

Visit the whole process of the Beira Baixa cheese making. Although it is a modern factory, the cheese is traditional handmade, which a unique flavour to the cheese. You may prove it yourself while tasting it, the result of a long and ingenious way to obtain a product of excellence and a symbol of the region.

5h45PM: End of the program. Farewell.