11 days
All year
Porto & North

From Ponte de Lima deep in the Minho Region north of Porto to Santiago, you’ll discover and admire one of the ways of pilgrimage of the Portuguese Way. Here, you will experience a genuine way. Every day presents you a different scenery, offering rolling countryside views along the way, and the passing of many small towns and cities along the way rich in culture that will fill your spirit. Churches, monuments, old crosses will tell a history of this less trodden Way until your final destination –  Obradoiro Square in front of Saint James Cathedral, in the heart of Santiago de Compostela.


11 days

WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing, hat, jacket, and sunscreen.

7 nights accommodation with Breakfast

Transfer on the day of arrival from Airport LIS/FAO to the Hotel, followed by Tour briefing. Transfer from last Hotel to Airport OPO
Liability and personal accidents Insurance
Pre departure Information Pack. Tour information and Information Book (includes Maps, Daily Information, Daily Maps, GPS Device Quick Manual)delivered at departure day at location

GPS Tracking and Mobile Telephone (free to call 24h / day)


Any date subject to hotel availability.

NOTE: Price since 1199 euros per person.

Day 1

Arrival at Porto airport.

Transfer from Porto to Ponte de Lima (1h30), flying (00h45) or getting a train (2h30).

Ponte de Lima is a unique town of our Minho region in Portugal. Situated at some 85km north of Porto this medieval town will receive you for a leisurely discovery of its streets, ramparts, and squares. Ponte de Lima, located by the river Lima, was from the Roman time the only way to cross the river to the north, and since then grown in importance for the pilgrimage to Santiago. The Roman bridge is still there! Lodging at 4*Hotel.

Day 2

Hike from Ponte de Lima to Rubiães – (17 km, + 530 m).

The day starts from the doorstep of your lodging where you find its way to cross the Lima River by its older bridge. From Roman times to the more modern Pilgrims these are the first steps of this stretch of the path. The way goes up to overcome the highest point of the entire pilgrimage and to cross the beautiful countryside of northern Portugal. Away from the big roads and through the little way you’ll get to Rubiães, your first stop.

Day 3

Hike from Rubiães to Valença do Minho – (18 km, + 220 m)

Once again you’ll start going up to a little sanctuary, just a few Km from your beginning of the day. From here the way will drop towards Valença do Minho, where the day is shorter than the last one and also easier while descending. From wooden areas to agricultural field the scenery varies a lot. From well surfaced to dirt track the day will offer you a nice way to get to the Border Town of Valença do Minho.  Make sure you will explore the old fortress town. Lodging at an inn.

Day 4

Hike from Valença do Minho to Porriño (22 km, + 250 m)

This is the day that enters into Galicia, Spain. The day begins exiting the old fortress via a small door. You’ll descend to the river and cross the border to Galicia via the bridge. The path will enter Tuy and goes along the old town center. Its Cathedral is one of the main monuments. For some of the way, the Minho River will be always near until you stray away from Tuy. The day follows into Galicia, leaving the shores of the Minho. The path now follows along the river Louro, sometimes near it or a little away from it. The wooden areas nearby are of great help during sunny days. The day will end entering Porrino.

Day 5

Hike from Porriño to Redondela – (21 km, + 390 m).

From Porrino to Redondela the Saint James Path follow the N550 at eyesight, but away from the car traffic. Following little back roads, the waypoints north toward Santiago and along little hamlets. Another big Climb wait for the Pilgrim, almost 250m high is the pass that overlooks to Redondela and the Ria de Vigo. The ocean enters into the land. Yes, the water is salted! Redondela is now at reach with a nice descent.

Day 6

Hike from Redondela to Pontevedra – (14 km, + 250 m)

From Redondela to Pontevedra the way is stunning. From ocean scenery to wooden forested area, old Roman way and little villages in rural Galicia you will be amazed. While descending from a forested area you arrive at Arcade and its river crossing over one old bridge, just after some hundred meters the roman old way appear to you and lead you up the hill. Just after the pass and along wooded areas you’ll reach Pontevedra outskirts and the old center is already in reach. Esplanades, old medieval Pontevedra is superb.

Day 7

Hike from Pontevedra to Caldas de Reis – (23 km, + 250 m)

This long day is relatively easy, almost all day following the railway towards Caldas de Reis. Exiting Pontevedra via the old Roman Bridge the path enters a rural area and one lowland preserved area. Alba marshes wetland is some 80 acres and home to hundreds of plant species and 123 bird species.

The way is wide and follows back roads with almost no traffic, giving peace to our steps, in the way stone carved crosses will appear, that will prove that you are on the right path to Santiago arise. A few kilometers from Caldas de Reis there is the waterfall and watermills system of the Barrosa River. Following along the field you soon enter into Caldas de Reis. From here you follow the river up to your hotel.

Day 8

Hike from Caldas de Reis to Padron – (20 km, + 300 m)

This day is a very nice day, as you come out of Caldas de Reis you will enter a nice walk along fields and forests going toward the pilgrim goal of the Saint tomb. At Valga you enter a very scenic footpath by the river and into a forest. Out of this forest and along little roads you reach Pontecesures and cross the river to reach Padron your last stop before Santiago de Compostela.

Day 9

Hike from Padron to Santiago de Compostela – (25 km, + 450 m)

The day to reach Santiago de Compostela is probably the longest one, not only in Kms but also in mind, getting to Obradoiro and the Cathedral is by the end of the day. The Path leaves the town of Padron driving up north to the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria de Iria Flavia, Episcopal center before its transfer to Santiago de Compostela. Rural Galicia will be present until you pass the Albergue of Teo. And as you reach the outskirts of Santiago the urbaner and less appealing are the views. From the electric power station, the view of Santiago and the end is remarkable but some kilometers are still to go….

Day 10

Walking in Santiago de Compostela – City hike day

This day is dedicated to walking along Santiago de Compostela old town center. If you have stamp your pilgrim passport it’s also the best time to find your certificate. Santiago is well worth of a day, from the old part and the related religious buildings to the new museum of the Galician people. Have some time to enjoy a good meal to the sound of the pipes.

Day 11

Hike from Caldas de Reis to Padron – (14 km, + 250 m)

Transfer from Santiago de Compostela to Porto City (3h00).

If you have some time: the afternoon is dedicated to visiting the capital of the north of Portugal. Discover the ancient old quarter of medieval times, the Ribeira and Sé quarter. Wander, explore large avenues of late XIX-early XX Century and visit one of the most characteristic markets of the town – Mercado do Bolhão. Explore some of the old churches and modern architecture that also make Oporto a vibrant city.