1 day

Have fun with Alentejo gastronomy at some very special places.

Available every Saturday morning, for genuineness reasons it might not be available on the other weekdays.

We have resumed this activity to a simple but amazing lunch, at one of the most traditional taverns of all Alentejo.

With a decoration that you might never be seen before, keeping the style of the old traditional Alentejo tavern, we provide here not only an amazing journey of flavors through the Alentejo cuisine, including an extraordinary amphora wine or “Talha” wine produced at this place, as also the once in a lifetime opportunity of witness the true Cante Alentejano in full freedom.

As any other wild animal, the Cante Alentejano not always appears when we wish. As it should be, arises spontaneously from the inspiration of the visitants of this tavern. We cannot promise that you can catch a glimpse of its beauty in its natural habitat, but we will promise you a unique meal and wine, at a peculiar place located in a lost simple village of Alentejo.

On the way, we will visit Monsaraz, a beautiful medieval village.



1 day

Hat, sunscreen, suitable clothes and shoes for long walks.
Transport: maximum of 8 persons   Meal


Tour available for a minimum of 2 persons.


Since 45 euros per person.


Please contact us for more information.


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Minimum Participants2