Three of the main paleolithic rock art sites known in the area of ​​the Côa Valley Archaeological 
Park are Canada do Inferno, Penascosa and Ribeira de Piscos.
These are located in the middle of the Côa river valley, accessible only by dirt tracks.
Although these places are in the same natural park, they are visited due to the best natural 
luminosity for the observation of the engravings, in order to maximize their visualization.
Penascosa is visited in the afternoon and the other two in the morning.
Due to the different degrees of difficulty and luminosity it's not possible to visit more than two 
places with engravings in one day.

Comfortable clothing and footwear, adapted to the height of the year and climatic conditions. 
In the summer, it's recommended that each visitor wear a hat and sunscreen. Bring water.
In the winter it's recommended that each visitor wear a waterproof/raincoat.


Since 15€ per person


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