7 dias

Um deslumbrante passeio de bicicleta familiar nas planícies do Alentejo e nas suas regiões históricas. A cidade de Évora está no programa!

Distância diária 25-30kms; Elevação diária média; 150-500 metros; 6 dias de ciclismo; Tipo: Trilhos Ecológicos / Ciclismo em colinas montanhosas


7 dias

USAR Roupa e calçado atlético confortável, chapéu, casaco e protetor solar.


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Several acomodations

Day 1
Welcome at LISBON airport and transfer to Mora. Lodging in a typical Alentejo building 3* Hotel in the town center, that epitomizes the Alentejo culture, with blue and white corridors which link the rooms and patios.
Day 2
Cycling from Mora to Pavia – 25km, 250m elevation gain. Biking from the center of this typical village by old and narrow streets getting to the old train station. You can still see evidence of the activity that happened here back in the last century. You follow the old train tracks to the sweet water aquarium that you can visit and discover fantastic sceneries of rivers and lakes! From here you will continue to follow the tracks until you get to Pavia. Here you will discover its secrets. Accommodations at a nice Gest House with swimming-pool and gardens.
Day 3
Cycling from Pavia to Arraiolos village – 20km, 300m elevation gain. On this day you will find some local farms visit an old train station and appreciate the slow and quiet life of the country side of Portugal. Finally, you will arrive at Arraiolos. This Old Portuguese town, with its castle and typical houses, has some gastronomical delights to offer and a beautiful castle, perfect place to try Geo-Caching. Accommodations at an old Historical Convent – 5* Hotel.
Day 4
Cycling from Arraiolos to Évora – 27km, 250m elevation gain. The journey through the rail way continues. One more old train station and a good flat surface that takes you to the Unesco World Heritage Site – Évora. Here you will be amazed at its beauty and history. The outer walls, the Roman Temple the Cathedral it’s all right around the corner. This is where you will stay three nights of your tour and take your time to get to know the beautiful capital of the region of Alentejo. Accommodations at modern 4* Hotel with 2 restaurants, swimming pool and SPA.
Day 5
Loop Bike Day around Évora – going to the Dolmens – 38km, 500m elevation gain (9km optional to visit more dolmen sites). This day is the most challenging but spectacular since the goal is to visit pre-historic monuments. It will be possible to visit several historical sites with traces of the presence of Man in the plains of Alentejo. This is an area very important for the scholars of this era of Mankind and then return to the city of history! Riding in the country side of Évora trough trails and quiet roads, just enjoy the views. There is a cork-hotel that you can visit before the end of the day and back to Évora for the night.
Day 6
Loop Bike Day around Évora – following the ancient aqueduct – 25km, 180m elevation gain This day is reserved to see how in the fifteen hundreds the renascence people transported water to cities. This spectacular water channel has some visible structures and the goal for the day is to do a circular ride and follow this water channel system. Nice little trails alongside the aqueduct will be the joy of everyone. This can be the chance of going for some more caches. Returning to Évora, it is time for the last visits, since the next day you will departure to another typical village.
Day 7
Cycling from Évora to Alcaçovas – 35km, 150m elevation gain. On the last cycling day, you will ride along rural farms and head to Valverde. From here you pass by a damn and visit the ruins of an old roman spa, just imagine how the Romans had some baths! Around you just cork oak trees occasional small churches and few traces of the presence of man. Before you reach Alcaçovas turn left and goal is Monte do Sobral, a typical Alentejo farm now transformed to a cozy and comfortable logging, here you can enjoy the swimming pool, the beach Volley Ball or even a country golf camp! Accommodation at a cozy guest house at the country side with swimming pool.
Day 8
Departure – Farewell at Lisbon airport (2:00h to Lisbon).