3 to 4 hours
Porto & North

This activity with beginning and end in the picnic park located in Vascões, leads to the trails of what is one of the best conserved Portuguese Protected Areas, the Protected Landscape of Corno do Bico, located in Paredes de Couraat the border with Arcos de ValdevezThis region is essentially mountainous, with rounded contours, being the Corno do Bico, with 883m of height, the highest elevation of the northern region. 

At the top of these slopes, participants will find ‘a chaos of blocks‘, which are clusters of granite blocks, the dominant rock of the region, giving a chaotic aspect to the landscape. During the activity, participants will be able to enjoy the excellent trails decorated with landscapes of oaks, forests of chestnut trees and cork oaks. 

The presence of the Garrano horse in this area is quite strong, which gives it an additional unique beauty. Native to Minho and Trásos-Montes in Portugal, this species has been used for many centuries as a transport and labor animal. Its a protected racedue to the risk of extinction it was subjected tountil recently.  

Other highlights in this trail are the passages through the Alto de Cavalos and the Corno do Bico natural viewpoint, where an extraordinary landscape can be seen over the territory and the main surrounding mountains. 



Half-day (3 to 4 hours)

Guide and Insurance of Personal Accidents.

Minimum and maximum number of participants: No minimum – 8 participants max

Difficulty: Medium  (Positive Slope: 1000 meters; Cumulative Gain: 2000 meters) 

Distance: 40 km 

Group prices: 2 pax – 50€; to 8 pax – 35€/pax 



Rent a Bike: 

      – Semi-rigid bicycles: Focus- Raven Carbono(rent value: €40) 

      – Helmet (free) 

      – E-Bikes : Focus- Raven 2 (rent value: 60€) 


      - possibility of scheduling lunch at a local restaurant.  


       - possibility of scheduling overnight stay 

                                 Arcos House (Turismo Rural) 

                                - Luna Arcos (Hotel)