1 day

We invite you to a series of walking trails varying in lengths. Go out on hikes for a day with a picnic under the shade of a great cork tree, take a quiet stroll with family and friends, or use one of the many tracks as a daily exercise routine. This place gives you time to reflect and immerse yourself in the peacefulness of the nature that surrounds you.

This activity combines adventure, archaeology and history. Walk in the forest with a local archaeologist and discover megalithic monuments, the tombs from the Neolithic period. You will learn about dolmens from its building technique, to the symbology and myths behind them.

Dolmens are megalithic monuments built in IV millennium b. C. These imposing monuments were raised by the first sedentary communities with the intention of burying their members, but also to bequeath a memorial of their presence to the futures generations.

We will take you on a journey of aromas and flavours offered by our wines produced in our vineyards. Planted in an open valley, the estate produces Alicante Bouschet, Aragonêz, Touriga Nactional and Syrah quality grapes. A selection of the best quality grapes are retained for the production of a high-quality red wine that has been rewarded with the main wine challenges.


1 day

WEAR Comfortable clothes and footwear, hat or cap.
Jeep Tour Dolmen walk
Lunch Wine tasting


Since 75€ per person.


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