1 day

The cherry is one of the most refined and modern local gastronomic products. Today it’s a symbol of the region of Cova da Beira, which knew how to take advantage of the quality of its lands and its characteristic climate.
The mastery of its people has led to a gastronomic product of reference, which today is another tourist landmark of the region and begins to be a product that identifies culturally and socially this region.
Known as the “gold” of Cova da Beira, embedded between Estrela and Gardunha, this is a unique opportunity to get to know the cherry “in situ“, to know a little more about it, to taste it and to understand its importance in the local context.

Everything in Covilhã points to a past related to wool and its manufacture. In each “covilhanense”, we see the images and words of the factory spirit that once existed in this city. Far from these golden times, we have today, more and more works of recognition by the ancestors, who have built and perfected the bases of all the technique of working the wool. From the hard work of anciently, today we have the wool configured for a more sophisticated present and future, with new knowledge, new techniques, and new players.
“Covilhã’s past is closely linked to wool and the wool industry.” This phrase taken from www.woolfest.org shows the roots of Covilhã. With this festival, several works were created in the historic center of the city where, through urban art or more alternative, an emphasis was placed on wool and the entire industry of its transformation.


1 day

Comfortable and appropriate clothing and footwear, Windstopper, backpack with solid and liquid food reinforcement,  hat and sunscreen.
Insurance Guide  Cherry picking
Delivery of tourist documentation of the region
Accomodation Transfers Meals


Program oriented by a degree in Sports Sciences and Tourism, possessing the First Aid course and knowledgeable about the territory in question.


Since 19€ per person. Price per person designed for a minimum group of 30 pax.


Please contact us for more information.


Meeting point: to be defined
Presentation of the tour guide and departure to the program start location

Thematic activity in private farm in the locality of Peraboa, Covilhã, including:
– Explanation of the culture of the cherry and the species existing in the property
– Delivery of one box/person (1 kg) for customers to take cherry. You can eat the cherries you want
– Acquisition of cherry already packaged and selected. Available in a box of 2kg (Optional)
– Tasting of liqueurs and jams local production (Included)

Free lunch at Covilhã (Not included in the program)


Pedestrian guided tour to the historic center of the city of Covilhã, with the theme “The Covilhã Factory”

Walking tour of the WOOL – Covilhã Street Art


Delivery of tourist documentation

End of the program