Trail do Texugo | ARCh Max
Trail do Texugo | ARCh Max
10th April 2022 in Aldeia da Serra D'Ossa, Redondo

After 2 years of interruption due to the pandemic, on 10 April 2022, the Badger Trail will be held again. This year, due to a partnership with the renowned brand ARCh Max, it will be called Trail do Texugo I Arch Max. This partnership will bring many new features for all participants and will increase the competitiveness of the event with the presence of some of the most famous runners of the brand, the official partner of the Adidas TERREX Global Trailrunning team.

The race will take place in Serra D'Ossa, in Redondo, Évora, and is recognized for the hardness of its many kilometres of trails and high altimetry.

It is a place surrounded by traditions, rituals, myths and beliefs. Legend has it that it was on the top of S. Gens, the highest point of the mountain, with 653 metres of altitude, that the great Viriato Lusitano descended a few times to face the Roman armies.

Inhabited since the Bronze Age and a place of devotion to shepherds, it was home to the first hermits of the Christian era who made it magical, moulded it and gave it a name.

The Badger I Arch Max Trail will include passes through Alto do Castelo, a climb that promises to leave a mark, by the Church of Monte Virgem, suspended over a cliff, surrounded by high cliffs, by its orchards, fountains and streams, by the Convent of São Paulo, the coolest, most pleasant and most beautiful area of this mountain range, as well as by countless ruins left by hermits.

It promises to be a hard and beautiful ride, where you will be able to enjoy its wonderful views, appreciate the aromas of its magnificent flora and who knows, have fun in the company of some specimens of its fauna.


Walk - 10 km, Speed Trail - 14 km, Long Trail - 28 km and Ultra Trail - 44 km.

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