Survival Challenge - Try Portugal

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Survival Challenge
Alentejo, Benavente, Santarém
168,00 €
Survival Challenge
Survival techniques challenge on October 8th in Samora Correia

This is the ultimate test of human willpower to survive. You will be able to test, in this test, all your knowledge of survival techniques, and your physical and psychological endurance.
The Mission
Survive for 3 days applying the most assertive survival techniques.
SCORNIO’s Survival Challenge break your Limits is a unique event in Portugal that will test the best in the art of survival techniques.

This challenge is aimed at people with experience in survival techniques, bushcraft and adventurers who want to test their abilities in nature. Participants will be accompanied by a team of professionals, who will monitor all their movements during the race.

Practitioners of survival
Practitioners of bushcraft

Note: It is essential to have knowledge of survival or buschcraft techniques.

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