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Serra da Estrela: Experiencing the Land and Ananda Festival
7 days
Center, Covilhã
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Serra da Estrela: Experiencing the Land and Ananda Festival
Yoga, workshops, concerts and veggie food are some of the things you can try on Ananda Festival of Bliss, surrounded by nature.

Day 1 - Wool, shepherds and amazing landscapes
The day starts in the mountains surrounded by the breathtaking valleys, led by an experienced Sheppard who will tell us his stories, related with his experience and this ancient profession, back to the times when the wolves attacked flocks and nights’ only company were a starry sky.Shared lunch at the mountains, a traditional picnic served at the best scenario, where nature displays its best outfit.Visit the Textile Museum where the participants will learn all about the wool process, followed by the famous Urban Art Route, in the heart of Covilhã.

Day 2 - Cheese, cherries and olive oil- Our precious diamonds
A very active day, full of experiences where the participants have the opportunity to try some of the processes, getting their hands dirty while attempting to make artisanal cheese.Lunch will be served in the beautiful landscape, surrounded by cherry trees with fruits.The afternoon is dedicated to learning all about the olive oil extraction, one of the region’s most important goods.

Day 3 - Oral tradition, music, and culture - Let us introduce you to the magical “adufe"
Unveiling one of the most mystical and magical villages of the region is our purpose for the last day. Paul is a beautiful village, with a powerful stream, a 500-year-old water mill, and a strong musical tradition.The adufe is a traditional square tambourine of Moorish origin, which is used in Portugal for centuries, and played mostly by women.Leonor Narciso has played the adufe, since she was a young girl, and taught a countless number of women and men. Owner of a powerful voice, it is definitely a unique opportunity to participate in one of her workshops.This is exactly what participants will be doing during the morning.In the afternoon, there will be time to explore Paul’s wonderful sights and incredible stories, like the one of the Olive Oil Revolution, back in the 40’s, when the population gathered and prevented the army to take the olive oil reserves demanded by the dictator.The grannies from the village are the storytellers, and they will tell you what they have seen.

Day 4 to 7 - Ananda Festival of Bliss 
Ananda Festival of Bliss had its first edition in 2017. Ananda Festival of Bliss is a festival to feel like home, with Yoga, meditation, workshops, concerts, ecologic walks, therapies, children, and families together and good vegetarian food! All this combined in a surrounding scenery of nature, crossed by the river, in a very pleasant environment.Come and live intense days and experience a healthier lifestyle at Ananda Festival of Bliss - a spiritual journey for those who believe in a more kind and connected way of living.Local: “Ananda Kalyani” Master Unit , next to Paul village, Serra da Estrela, Portugal.

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