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Hiking in Serra da Estrela
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Hiking in Serra da Estrela
Get to know Serra da Estrela walking along long routes and beautiful landscapes

Guided walks through the most beautiful spots of Serra da Estrela

Gargante de Loriga Walk
Duration: about 6 hours.

Election walk in Serra da Estrela. Linear route with about 12 km and a drop of about 1200m (minimum elevation - 830m; maximum elevation - 1993m), in a mountainous and inhospitable area of this mountain range, from the village of Loriga to the highest point of the mountain, the Tower, along the glacier valley with the same name. The landscape is marked by an irregular and rocky landscape, formed by lagoons, valleys and glacial valleys. The floor is, in certain places, irregular. It is convenient to have good physical endurance.

Planalto Superior Walk
Duration: about 6/7 hours.

Guided walking in the Central Plateau of Serra da Estrela between Penhas Douradas and the 18 km Tower. This route is one of the most spectacular of the Serra da Estrela due to the wonderful landscapes of the Cântaros (Magro, Gordo and Raso), as well as the Glaciar Lakes, culminating with the ascent to the highest point of this mountain range, the Torre (1993m), by the Superior Plateau. The surroundings and nature itself are fantastic, marked by granite landscape, low vegetation and fauna typical of altitude. The floor is, in certain places, irregular. It is convenient to have good physical resistance. Recommended season: spring, summer and autumn. Slopes are moderate. Difficulty: Medium/High.

Guided walk in the Vale Glaciar
Duration: (variable with the course) circular (18km - 6/7h) or linear (10km - 3h).

Guided walking in the Zêzere River Glacier Valley in the heart of Serra da Estrela. The route can be made in a circular way, starting in Manteigas, going up the glacial valley until the Covão d'Ametade and returning by the valley of Candeeira, until Manteigas or in a linear and shorter version making only the Glaciar valley, along the river Zêzere, ranging from 18km to 10km. It is convenient to have good physical endurance. Recommended season: spring, summer and autumn. Slopes are moderate. Difficulty: Medium


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