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Dynamic Survival Course
Lisbon, Sintra
73,00 €
Dynamic Survival Course
Theoretical-practical 26-hour course on survival techniques.

It is a theoretical-practical course on survival techniques with a duration of 26 hours, where you will learn what is necessary to strengthen your self-confidence in an unexpected situation of survival. In this training we will highlight: orientation techniques, mountaineering, first aid, rescue signaling and much more.

Dynamic Survival Course Thematic
The content of this chapter will be dynamic survival techniques:
- Orientation with compass and navigation with map: it is how to move around the terrain with a reference direction to get anywhere;
- Mountaineering: it is a way of overcoming obstacles that may appear along the way;
- First aid: this is how the most likely incidents are handled, eg. break a foot, cut a limb;
- Rescue signaling: it is the way of referencing the position

and yet approach to other techniques:
- Obtaining and purifying water;
- Factors to consider in a survival situation;
- Priorities in survival;
- Dangers in survival;
- Basic survival kit
and much more.

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