Lisbon, Sintra

Running through one of the most enchanting landscapes in Portugal, the town of Sintra - a Unesco World Heritage Site, has for over 30 years welcomed thousands of athletes who year after year, in the first month of each year, challenge the mysticism of the Serra de Sintra.

Its unequalled beauty has earned it a place among the top 10 in the book World's Ultimate Running Races, published by Harper Colling Publishers, which highlights the 500 most emblematic races in the world.

The race with a total distance of 16.945 meters, either by the hardness of the race, the course, as well as the weather conditions that, normally, are felt in Sintra in the month of January, makes it even more challenging on the last Sunday of January.

The "Corrida Fim da Europa" starts in the town of Sintra, in front of Fonte Mourisca, passing near Largo Rainha Dona Amélia, the course follows the Penha Hillclimb, Peninha Forestry Area, winding through the Sintra mountains, between bends and counter bends, the first 4 kilometres are always uphill. Between the 4th and the 10th kilometre, the course is oscillating between climbs and descents without great difficulty.

Arriving at the 10th kilometre is what can be called a "wall", where, surrounded by imposing trees, the course is always uphill for one kilometre, which in its final phase of climbing reaches 15% of incline.

The last part of the race is always downhill for 6 km, enjoying the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean, which serves as an amphitheatre of the finish line placed right on top of the cliffs and next to the Lighthouse of Cabo da Roca, the most western place of the European continent.

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