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Donkey in the Land of Miranda
full day
Porto & North, Bragança, Miranda do Douro
75,00 €
Donkey in the Land of Miranda
Discover the stunning landscapes of Miranda do Douro and the loving donkey of Miranda. An exciting experience.

In the extreme northeast of Portugal, there are Terra Fria and Terra Quente where, in popular expression, nine months of winter and three of Hell are spent, the “Marvelous Kingdom” of Miguel Torga.
The beauty of the natural parks of Montesinho and the Douro Internacional (and the Geopark Terras de Cavaleiros of the UNESCO world network!), the cultural wealth with roots that are lost in Celtic antiquity, and the friendliness and generosity of its people who welcome us from an open heart, are sufficient reasons to head to the district of Bragança. As the bear also did ...

We would like to go there during its festivities and pilgrimages animated by the bagpipes and the dances of the pauliteiros, or more particularly to participate in the Pagan Rituals and line up in the Caretos games, but if it is not the suitable time we will be well served with a visit on foot or bicycle to Terra de Miranda, where the steep valley (Arribas) of the Douro contrasts with the plain of the Mirandese plateau.

We are going to cross a beautiful landscape mosaic, made up of rural environments and dense forest areas, where a large number of indigenous breeds from Portugal stand out, namely the loving Burro de Miranda, or the Mirandese cattle, which provide us with the so famous Posta Mirandese who served us for lunch ... In the afternoon, we stroll again but on the back of the donkey and take a guided tour of the Burro de Miranda Valuation Center, in the village of Atenor.

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Dificuldade: Fácil Disponibilidade:O passeio de burro e visita ao Centro de Valorização do Burro de Miranda não são possíveis de realizar à 2ª feira, nos dias de Natal, Ano Novo e Páscoa. O que levar: Roupa e calçado adequados para caminhadas no campo/natureza e às condições meteorológicas do dia; Proteção para a cabeça; Binóculos; Máquina fotográfica; Protetor solar no Verão; Cantil com água potável; Barras energéticas, frutos secos ou outra fonte alimentar de energia.
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