TISM | Serra Montemuro Integral Crossing

Proof of trail running (endurance) in mountain. In the TISM there will be two distances. One is approximately 110km (6500D +) and the other one is about 23 km (2500D +. These distances are not yet defined with exact values (soon available the final altimetry and km).

It is a winter test that will require the athlete in the 110km an incredible resilience and an endowed physical preparation.

In this event safety is paramount, and as such we are preparing all the logistics that the athlete will have to present in CHECK IN and in the intermediate controls. These Check INs will be controlled by the GOBS during the entire event.

The athlete who participates in the 110km will be monitored through Live GPS in order to know the situation and location of the same. At the same distance we will also give you the opportunity to compete for tickets (ex. 55 + 55km).

Soon we will provide all the information about TISM.