Portugal Ultramarathon Beira Baixa 2018 (PT281)

The one who transcends the physical and psychological limits of those who participate in this adventure.
A “maraturismo” event that transports participants on a journey through Beira Baixa – Portugal, discovering customs and traditions, gastronomy, people of the land and much more …
The PT281 + Ultramarathon Beira Baixa Portugal is a sporting/pedestrian event in nature with mountain characteristics. It develops in routes with the use of sidewalks, forest tracks, rural roads, paths, pedestrian trails and asphalt roads.
The course must be run semi-autonomously and guided by GPS. This means that the course will not be marked.
The total length of the course is 281 km, 9350 D + and with a time limit of 66 hours for completion.
The route crosses a natural landscape of the Beira Baixa of Portugal, will cover all the counties of Beira Baixa: Castelo Branco, Vila Velha de Rodão, Idanha-a-Nova, Oleiros, Proença-a-Nova, and Penamacor.
An adventure that beyond physical overcoming will also be a trip for the historical and natural heritage of Beira Baixa that will take athletes from all over the world to discover their inner strength, but also Portugal. For this, a course was designed that “talks” about the discoveries, the Templars, the French invasions and the more than two million years that led to the formation of the “Portas de Ródão” and other geo monuments of Naturtejo Geopark. Not forgetting the people and the traditions of Portugal. All in 281km in what is one of the longest ultramarathons in the world.
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