Marvão BTT and Snickers with Vitor Gamito 77 or 111 km

An old-fashioned BTT (or e-Bike) weekend! Come discover Marvão, an 'unknown paradise' of fun rails, good snacks and good company. Subscriptions are limited. Alinhas? 77 or 111km? Program: Friday - Arrival and accommodation in the Houses of the Station | Saturday - Strolling along the Smuggler's Trails between Marvão and Spain - 55km. Lunch at the end of the route in the Houses of the Station. If the weather helps we will have a canoe ride. | Sunday - Walk along the Roman sidewalks of Castelo de Vide - 39 / 56km. Have a great lunch! Price: 97 € / person. Includes 2 guided tours / Gamito + 2 nights accommodation w / breakfast. lunch + 2 lunches + Canoe ride (if the sun appears). Subscriptions:

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