Marathon Solancis – Benedita

Maranhao Solancis – Benedita 14 October 2018 (New Date) Inserted in the “VI West Trophy of the Nutryfitness” in Mountain Biking Organization: – RÓDDINHAS Btt Team Official Sponsor: – Solancis, SA Official Support: – Camara Municipal Alcobaça – Parish of Benedita Parish Institutional Support : – Firefighters V. Benedita Hours: – Saturday 13 October: 15: 00h – Opening of the secretariat: 18: 00h – Closing of the secretariat: – Sunday 14 October: 07:30 h – Opening of the secretariat: 09: 00h – Start of control for starting grid. 09: 00h – Closing of the secretariat: 09: 15h – Breafing 09: 30h – DEPARTURE Delivery of prizes: 12: 30h. For half-Marathon course 13: 30h. Lunch: 13:00 – Menu: Pork in the Skewer, Fruits and Drinks (Water, Juice, Red and White Wine) (subject to change) Categories where participants can sign up: Course Marathon and Half-Marathon Men – Under 20 – (up to 19 years old inclusevé) (Half Marathon only) – Under-23 / Elites – 20 to 29 years old – Veterans A – 30 to 39 years old – Veterans B – Dos 40 at age 49 – Veterans C – 50 to 59 – Veterans D – Over 60 years (Half Marathon only) Women – Under-20 to Women’s Elites – Until age 29 (Half Marathon) – Women’s Masters – (Over 30 (Half Marathon) – Female Marathon – Over 20 years old at age 75 (Marathon) E-Bikes – E-Bikes – Single Level (Half Marathon only) to count towards “VI-Trophy of the West Nutryfitness” in Btt. – Electric Bicycles – (Half-Marathon – Men and Women only), single e-bikes rank, also scoring for the ranking at the end of the Trophy. Price: – Participation without toast – 10 € – Athletes’ lunch – 6 € – Lunches of companions – 7 € – Payments in the secretariat has additional fee of 2 € Value is included: – Dorsal – Electronic timing – Personal Accident Insurance – Baths (Municipal Pool) – Bicycle washing (Firemen V. Benedita) – Liquid and solid supplies Distances: 60Km and 40Km Total estimated ascension: 60km: 1,200 m Total estimated ascension: 40km: 750 mts Level of physical and technical difficulty: Medium Way of registration, with information: Shedding website at or Miscellaneous Information: / and ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Release of the “VI West Trophy / Nutryfitness” NEW DATE OF THE MARATHON SOLANC IS- BENEDITA 14 OCTOBER 2018 REGISTRATION REOPENING: MONDAY AUGUST 13TH TO 19TH (ONLY FOR NEW INSCRIPTIONS. The existing ones, it remains). – After the cancellation of the SOLANCIS Marathon in BENEDITA for the reasons set forth in paragraph H of paragraph 2 of the decree issued by MAI, we set a new date for the event, for October 14th. This event will be closed as the closing of the West Mountain / Nutryfitness Trophy. – We are aware that it will coincide with some tests carried out in Portugal but with other dates would happen the same, since the calendar is quite filled. We were careful to at least not match up with other trophy or other cups in the area. This decision had to do with the availability of the organization. RULES: – All athletes already confirmed to the previous date and who can not be present on the new date, must request the reimbursement of the registration value for the APEDALAR, no later than August 25. After this date the organization will not make refunds of the registrations. – All numbers of bibs that are subject to reimbursement will be automatically canceled. They can not be replaced or reactivated. – All registrations already confirmed, with the number of the number attributed, will be maintained and with the order already established. – The new registrations and those that already exist, which will be confirmed from now on, the attribution of dorsalis will be made starting in the last dorsal assigned until the closing of the previous inscriptions. We appreciate your understanding and your good cooperation. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ More Inf. 932969165 – Luis Mateus 966794729 – Armando Machado 917300026 – Paulo Ferreira 911035188 – Jorge Silva