Terms and Conditions

1. Tours and Packages
1.1. The various tours and packages presented by UPSTREAM – TRY PORTUGAL are copyrighted products of the company.
1.2. Buying a day tour or a 7-day + tourist package (private or in a group) guarantees the customer the services described in the tour package, such as: transportation, guide service throughout the day and throughout the trip, tickets for monuments when mentioned, traditional food tasting when mentioned, wine tasting when mentioned, accommodation and meals in quality hotels when mentioned and sports equipment when mentioned. All extras not mentioned in the program are not included in the tour and the costs will be the responsibility of the customer. Additional changes are possible when previously presented and agreed with the customer.

2. Reservations and Payments
2.1. To confirm a reservation for any program, the customer must deposit
50% of the complete quotation, establishing the remaining amount 20 days before arrival. If a Booking is made within the 20 days prior to the tour, deposit must be full quote.
2.2. UPSTREAM – TRY PORTUGAL reserves the right to cancel any booking for which payment has not been made under the aforementioned condition. There will be a 50% refund of the reservation deposit.
2.3. Price changes on tours: the quote sent to customers will always be subject to confirmation of quote and availability. Prices may change due to various changes as per availability of hotel partner, transportation partners, tour guides and other services included in packages/tours.
2.4. Payments can be processed by Visa, PayPal or SWIFT bank transfer.

3. Taxes
3.1. Quoted prices do not reflect value added tax (VAT) at current local rates. This fee is mandatory in EU countries and where the service is operated.
3.2. Daily tourist taxes may apply in some major cities and will be collected directly by the hotel/accommodation entity.

4. Customer cancellations, absences and changes

4.1. If you must cancel your booking, your cancellation fee will be determined in accordance with the terms set out in the table below. Transfers to another trip or to a deposit account for a future trip are only allowed prior to final payment, after which our cancellation policy applies. If the trip costs more than your original trip, you will have to pay the difference. Full deposit is transferable as a future travel credit to be used by the same traveler on a UPSTREAM – TRY PORTUGAL program departing within 24 months of the original trip cancellation date. This credit cannot be extended beyond 24 months and can be transferred to another trip only once. Transfer policy does not apply to private travel.
Number of days before your trip:

270 + 100% deposit refund
61- 269 50% deposit refund or 75% travel cost
21-60 0% deposit refund or 50% travel cost
0-20 0% Refund of tour cost (cancellation fee)
4.2. In the event of absence, UPSTREAM – PORTUGAL will not reimburse the absent customer for travel. This applies to hotels, restaurants, entrance fees, transfers, equipment or any other logistics described in the program.
4.3. Customers can reallocate their participation and payment with a substitute person, who meets all the conditions required for the trip, provided that UPSTREAM – TRY PORTUGAL is notified at least 15 days before the arrival date and after written confirmation of acceptance of the service providers included in the tour.
4.4. There are no refunds for arriving late or leaving early for a trip.
4.5. Private rooms and cabins, rental of bicycles or sports equipment and internal travel fees are considered part of the total cost of travel and are subject to these specific cancellation fee agreements. Percentage rates are calculated on the total cost of the trip.
4.6. Exceptions to our cancellation policy cannot be made for any reason including weather, terrorism, civil disturbance or personal emergencies.

5. Cancellation and changes by UPSTREAM – TRY PORTUGAL
5.1. UPSTREAM – TRY PORTUGAL reserves the right to change the order of the itinerary or services provided, such as departure times, routes, activities or replace any initially planned hotel with others of a similar category in exceptional cases.
5.2. UPSTREAM – TRY PORTUGAL reserves the right to cancel any tour for any reason determined at our sole discretion, including if there are few participants, or if the quality of the trip or the customer’s safety is compromised. In this case, customers will be entitled to a full refund of the amounts already deposited.
5.3. In case of cancellation, UPSTREAM – TRY PORTUGAL is not responsible for any loss incurred due to non-refundable or non-transferable airline tickets or other irreparable travel costs of customers.

6. Baggage and Valuable Liability
6.1. UPSTREAM – TRY PORTUGAL assumes only responsibility and covers the costs of any damage or loss of luggage in the multi-day program when the customer’s luggage is kept in the transfer car, bus or minibus, up to a maximum limit of 500 euros per piece of baggage.
6.2. UPSTREAM – TRY PORTUGAL is not responsible for the customer’s luggage when it is kept inside the hotel / accommodation room. Hotel rules and regulations will apply.
6.3. Under no circumstances is UPSTREAM – TRY PORTUGAL responsible for the loss or theft of valuable items, such as jewelry, money, personal documents, credit cards, documents, projects, paintings or valuable artifacts, sports equipment, electronics that were not deposited in accordance with the accommodation entity’s general security compliance rules or was guarded in accordance with the transfer by car, bus or minibus.

7. Insurance
7.1. The services operated by UPSTREAM – TRY PORTUGAL are covered by insurance, as required by the Portuguese law of the Entertainment Tourism Agency, Decree No. 95/2013 of July 19th, Grade No. , as well as personal accident insurance .
7.2. Contracted liability insurance guarantees: the minimum amount covered by the insurance is 50,000 EUR covering the risks arising from the activity, guaranteed compensation for property damage and personal injury caused to customers or third parties by actions or omissions of UPSTREAM – TRY PORTUGAL or its representatives.
7.2.1. Personal accident insurance, contracted guarantees: Death by accident: 20 000 EUR Permanent disability due to an accident: 25 000 EUR Medical expenses: 3 500 EUR Funeral expenses: 3 000 EUR

8. Documentation
Customers should always have up-to-date personal documentation with them (passport, permits, visas, up-to-date vaccinations, documentation on dietary restrictions, medication, etc.).

9. Complaints
Customers reserve the right to complain about the services provided or any other aspect that has gone against the quality of the service.

These complaints should only be considered when submitted in writing to UPSTREAM – Valorização do Território, Lda., Within 20 days after the end of the tour in accordance with Portuguese Law. Complaints must be sent to our headquarters via letter.




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