The Prime of Saint Vincent Coast to Algarve

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Discover a wild scrubby expanse of low hills and wave-pounded cliffs. This program will take you through kilometers and kilometers of golden beaches, authentic rural life, fishing communities and old villages that seem to be lost in time. Here, life rolls at a tread pace wherein each step you collect an experience and in each scenery a history to become a part of you. Some typical and charming accommodations will be an oasis to recharge your batteries for next days adventures and the gastronomy a must on each and every day!


Day 1 – Arrival at the airport.

On your first day our Guide will pick you up at airport and welcome you in the best Portuguese fashion possible. Arrive in the middle of the Costa Alentejana at your accommodation in an estate that invites you to the true luxury. You might enjoy the silence, the swimming pool or the delicious meals at the restaurant.


Day 2 – Hike from Matinha to Vila Nova de Mil Flores – (25 km, + 400 m).

As you leave Matinha you will go through a beautiful natural forest, let your senses enjoy the perfume of wild herbs such as lavender, thyme, calamintha and rosemary. Approaching the coast you will walk on the coastal plain, find some ground-nesting birds and the famous white stork. Some old fortresses might be interesting to visit when you imagine they were used to defend the coast from pirates! To finish the day climb up the cliffs and explore the beaches of Aivados, Malhão, and small deserted coves until Vila Nova de Mil Fontes town. Accommodation in a caring and family atmosphere, where the pleasure of receiving well reigns.


Day 3 – Hike from Vila Nova de Mil Fontes to Almograve – (15 km, + 300 m)

This day your adventure heads south, crossing the river Mira and passing some agricultural areas. On walking this part of the path, you will be invited to experience nature with your deepest senses. Over the place where the river meets the ocean, get inspired by wonderful views of the Mediterranean vegetation and their smells. Also roam free watching the birds species fly over your head, count dozens of storks nests on the rocks and finally arrive at the resort. Have a good deserved rest today.


Day 4 – Hike from Almograve to Touril (18 km, + 350 m)

The hike this day will take you to the old lighthouse of Cape Sardão, illuminating adventurous sailors since 1915. The magnificent view will astound you while inviting to the perfect connection between ocean and land. On your way pass through beautiful spots such as the fishing port of Lapa das Pombas where they still use traditional fishing techniques and the beach of Almograve. This experience will make you not want to leave the safe harbor, but rest calls to take shelter in a lovely Guest House.


Day 5 – Hike from Touril to Brejão – (15 km, + 350 m).

After a delicious breakfast, comes the promise of a brilliant day of dramatic cliffs, desert beaches and unforgettable golden colours. Heading first to the town of Zambujeira do Mar you will not be disappointed with the route. Go back in time at Entrada da Barca, a local fishing port and be delighted with the empty coast leading you to desert places with nearly no access. Explore! In the end of the day enjoy a delicious fish plate of the local fish such as sea bass, sea bream or grey bream, at Brejão. Accommodation in a country house.


Day 6 – Hike from Brejão to Odeceixe – (12 km, + 300 m)

It’s a journey through time, local culture and natural trails. The sound of the ocean is magic. The smell is fresh. The rocks are engraved with the signs of time and the birds remind us of how life can be so simple. As you reach Odeceixe cross the river that separates the two most southern regions of Portugal, Alentejo, and Algarve. This place will mark the end of the program, it is time to celebrate with a great dinner in the village. Enjoy your meal! Lodging at a guest house.


Day 7 – Hike from Odeceixe to Rogil – (12 km, + 300 m)

Start your walk side by side with the river Seixe and the wetlands until you get to Odeceixe beach. The trail over the ocean will allow you to wander freely and offer superb views of the beach ahead. Close to the end cross inland towards João Roupeiro Hamlet. All adventurers need good food and the most famous sweet potato in the world is here, from the main dishes to the regional pastry the options are endlessly delicious. Lodging in a hotel.


Day 8 – Hike from Rogil to Aljezur– (11 km, + 300 m)

Today you cross several agricultural fields, some of sweet potato, of course! And then follow a dirt road bringing you closer to the Ocean. Awaiting you will be the beautiful beach and valley of Amoreira. Nevertheless, there is still the last surprise for the day, Aljezur and its Moorish castle! This city was founded by the Arabs in the 10th century and has an impressive archeologic site. Explore like a conqueror and go all the way up to the castle – the view is mesmerising. Accommodation at a hotel.


Day 9 – Hike from Aljezur to Arrifana – (16 km, + 400 m)

This day starts with a short transfer to the beach of Monte Clérigo from where your walk goes along the coast, passing by the mythical Ponta da Atalaia, a fantastic promontory where we can see many ruins of an ancient Moorish fortress. The trail after this point carry on along the top of the cliffs with mediterranean bushland, aromatic plants and coastal dunes. Enjoy nature step by step and then have a great rest in beautiful village of Arrifana.


Day 10 – Hike from Arrifana to Carrapateira – (20 km, + 500 m)

Feel the power of the sea breaking over ancient cliffs and quiet sandy-stone beaches. Take your camera because you will need it at Canal beach when you see Pedra da Agulha, a gorgeous monolith rock imbedded in the ocean. In a succession of hills and valleys, you pass over the most aggressive and inaccessible side of this coastal region. End the route at the whitewashed village of Carrapateira, where history speaks through the fortress built for defensive purposes during the Portuguese discoveries era. Lodging at a pension.


Day 11 – Hike from Carrapateira to Pedralva – (18 km, + 400 m)

On this day between ocean and inland, the rural atmosphere will conquer your heart. On the steepest slopes, you can admire the natural vegetation, virtually untouched by the man with dense undergrowth arbutus and dozens of local plants and herbs. Soon you arrive at one of the most interesting places and accommodations. Pedralva is a little village that a few years ago was nearly deserted and now revived as charming Guest House Hamlet, that has kept the original design together with charm and tradition.


Day 12 – Hike from Pedralva to Vila do Bispo – (19 km, + 600 m)

After a great breakfast, the day starts smooth, crossing a forest and open land areas. Later by the beaches of Barriga, Cordoama and Castelejo the biodiversity is all around with reptiles, birds, mammals and amphibious. At the end of the day, you will arrive at Vila do Bispo town with traditional architecture, religious structures. The local products, fruits, and fresh fish are daily for sale on the municipal market, take a peak and get some goodies for the next trip. Lodging at a 3-star hotel.


Day 13 – Hike from Vila do Bispo to Sagres – (14 km, + 200 m)

The landscape is flat and the vegetation low, today you will be walking towards the most southwestern point of Continental Europe, where you have a small but excellent Museu dos Faróis, showcasing Sagres role in Portugal’s maritime history! This is a historical place where one can almost hear the echoes of the voices of sailors and pilgrims. Beyond here only the immense Atlantic Ocean remains a point of passage, arrivals and encounters. Accommodation at a 4-star design hotel.


Day 14 – Departure

On this last day enjoy your breakfast with a gorgeous view of the ocean. Then comes the time to say goodbye and we will pick you up at the hotel, according to your schedule.






13 nights in a standard double/twin room, daily breakfast, private bathroom in all accommodation.
Clothing: comfortable sportswear, hat, jacket and sunscreen.
Optional: additional gps device (garmin oregon), extra days and nights (add them along the route), different arrival and departure transfers price notes – prices per person for a minimum of 2 persons in double/twin room – supplement for single travellers on request





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