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One of the most beautiful and oldest regions in the world. Apart from its legacy, the UNESCO heritage site of the Douro Valley is also one of the most captivating landscapes of the world for a hiking adventure. Explore the immense valleys, while walking from village to village and find yourself surrounded by the endless views of the oldest demarcated wine region in the world.

It is said that the Douro region is a reflection of its proud people who live a traditional lifestyle, dedicating their time to produce the highest quality of wine. Place of traditions, culture, and history, it offers the unforgettable opportunity to visit historic places, experience romantic boat trips, and delight with the fantastic homemade dinners and authentic wine produced just a few steps away from you! For sure, a special place for all those who pass here.

Day 1 – Arrival at Porto Airport – Welcome to Portugal!

After your welcoming, our guide will transfer you from the airport to the hotel in Porto. Porto is a charming city, easy to fall in love with, that has something mystical and difficult to describe. It is for your own eyes to see! Take the rest of the day off to experience the city, taste the food, reach the sightseeing spots and interact with the lovely people. Your journey begins here!

Day 2 – Train from Porto to Pinhão – Experience a train journey deep inside to the heart of the Douro

Although the day is reserved for an unforgettable train trip that will take you to Pinhão, deep in the heart of the Douro valley, before that, you can use your free time to explore a bit more of the city. Between the monuments and the culture, this UNESCO World Heritage hides a special charm. Once on the train, you will be immersed in the vineyard’s landscapes. You will notice that the valley slopes are monumental and that authentic wine culture is present everywhere. The day ends at Pinhão, where you will rest at an old wine farm where you can taste a welcome drink. Port wine of course! The train ticket must be purchased separately.

Day 3 – Hike from Pinhão to Vilarinho São Romão – This morning, you will be crossing through the world that lies behind the wine from the Douro.

The day begins with a scenic riverside path beside the Pinhão river. As you continue towards Provesende, the path will begin climbing through vineyards and olives. The village of Provosende is one of the seven Vineyard Villages of Portugal. It offers stunning views and is a perfect moment for photograph lovers! As you cross the plateau, you will observe some superb vineyard scenery and small villages with some old paths. You will pass by some large wine estates such as Quinta do Portal, which not only makes up the scenery but also offers an excellent opportunity to taste the local wines.

Hike 12 km

Elevation Gain + 700 m

Day 4 – Vilarinho Loop – Discover the lovely hometown of Ferdinand Magellan

Today you will walk through the remains of the time, crossing settlements of the Neolithic period, some hill-top forts from the Iron Age, and the place where everything leads to believe that Ferdinand Magellan was born. The day begins with a short climb, from which the enchanting views over the valley will reveal themselves. Then, you will discover little-known historic places and pass through Sabrosa, one of the most emblematic towns in the region. From the small villages to the breathtaking landscapes over the vineyards, you will have many opportunities to admire the fascinating colours of the Douro valley and to take unforgettable photos.

Hike 17 km

Elevation Gain + 400 m

Day 5 – Hike from Vilarinho to Casal de Loivos – Delight yourself with the landscapes over the Pinhão River!

After a traditional and fresh breakfast, it’s time to continue exploring the beautiful Douro region. The day starts with a walk side by side with the river Pinhão, surrounded by the immensity of the Douro. Besides the superb landscapes so characteristic of this region, you will have the chance to know and, who knows, experience a beautiful and quiet fluvial beach. Enjoy the silence and the intense colours that make this place so unique and when you feel it is time, continue to Casal de Loivos, where you will stay the night. On your way to Casal de Loivos, you will pass by some traditional villages. Admire the peaceful way of life of the Douro region and get in love with it.

Hike 17 km

Elevation Gain + 500 m

Day 6 – Hike from Casal de Loivos to Pinhão – Throughtheheartand soul of the Douro!

The day starts over the Douro River, deep in the heart of the Douro Valley. The path will take you to a wonderful viewpoint that overlooks the wine terraces, the Pinhão River, and the neighbouring small villages that are hugged by the valleys. This spot was declared to be one of the best views in the world by the BBC. For sure, an unmissable view. Take some pictures before continuing. A long descend will be waiting for you as you reach Pinhão. Since it’s your last day on this breathtaking landscape, upon arrival, we suggest you visit one of the surrounding vineyards and enjoy a glass of local wine while admiring the famous vineyard terraces that make this place unique in the world!

Hike 9 km

Elevation Gain + 100 m

Day 7 – Porto | River Cruise – Enjoy a spectacular river cruise along the Douro river

One of the benefits of a life aboard a river cruise is the sheer sense of relaxation it brings. If we associate this with the unique charm of the Douro, we have the perfect match. So, after a transfer, you will embark on a trip in what is possibly Europe’s most undiscovered river through the stunning Douro valley, dotted with its charming villages, age-old traditions, and wonderful wines. Appetizers and lunch will be served on board! You will arrive at Vila Nova de Gaia pier, the perfect place to visit some of Porto’s famous wineries (optional). (Boat cruise only available from May to October and subject to availability.)

Alternative | Boat trip in Pinhão + lunch with local Guide + transfer to Porto

Day 8 – Departure day – This is it! The adventure has come to an end.

Time goes by incredibly fast when you’re having fun but unfortunately, all good things must come to an end! We hope that the memories and experiences that we have created and shared stay with you forever. Get ready for your trip back home. Our guide will be ready to pick you up at the hotel. We hope you join us again soon to discover some more of Portugal’s Nature Trails!






Please note: Day-2 Luggage transfer not included; Transfers on Day-2 (train station and hotel) and day-7 (boat pier) are not included.
Optional / Extra: single room, solo trips, guide, additional activities and experiences, alternatively road bike or multi-activity trips.





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