Certificate number: BTO 001/2023 RTI


UPSTREAM – Valorização do Território, S.A. which operates with the trademarks TRY PORTUGAL and owns the company TRY Azores, Unipessoal Lda., headquartered in Angra do Heroísmo, Terceira, sees good sustainability practices not as an obligation, but as a dignified and fair business posture .

Being aware of the importance of sustainable tourism development and assuming the principles specifically adopted in the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism, UPSTREAM is committed to carrying out a sustainable management of its activities, as well as complying with the requirements established in the Biosphere Tourism framework, which includes, among other things, the Fair Trade Policy in the legal requirements that regulate the effects generated by its various aspects of activity in the areas of territorial consultancy, tourist operation, tourist entertainment and organization of sporting events.

Therefore, we base our policies and values accordingly and commit ourselves to the practice of nine pillars of Sustainability.



– Conceive and distribute a wide range of innovative thematic products of Active Tourism, structured according to the motivations of international consumers for Nature, Cultural, Environmental and Wellness, Creative and Sports activities;

– Explore the endogenous potential of the “concentrated diversity” of the territory, especially in rural and natural spaces in the interior of the country and in the Azores archipelago;

– Use the potential of the natural and cultural resources of the Interior and the Azores for the organization and national and international promotion of sports and corporate events;

– Stimulate Environmental Conservation and Responsible and Sustainable Tourism, consistent with the natural and social values and traditions of communities;

– Provide specialized services in Communication, Tourism and Territorial Marketing;

– Actively implements the digital transition of operational, commercial processes and good digital marketing practices in all company activities.


  • Support Public Entities of Territorial and Tourism Management and Private Agents in structuring the offer of new tourist products with potential for international affirmation, within the scope of Active, Cultural and Sports Tourism, integrating the resources of Nature, Culture, Heritage, Gastronomy and Wines , Rurality, Traditions, Sport and Well-Being in a sustainable way involving agents and local communities with special emphasis on the Interior territories.
  • Co-partnership with Academies and Technical Teaching Institutions, within the scope of development of structuring projects in the territory.
  • Foster synergies and collaborative processes with the various agents in the tourism value chain.
  • Inform and encourage our national and international Partners to adopt the sustainable tourism development principles of the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism.
  • Promote and support good social and environmental practices through involvement with NGOs, actions and programs.
  • Motivate and inform our Employees about training and awareness actions on the principles of Responsible Tourism and Circular Economy.
  • Ensure that working conditions are decent, fair and gender-equal remuneration without prejudice to training or activities that are harmful to health.
  • Ensure that recruitment opportunities are fair, regardless of gender, origin, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, physical abilities, among others.


They are motivated by the company’s philosophy that “Nothing is impossible” and that we must always see problems as opportunities for the entire chain of the tourism sector.

  • Actively implement in the digital transition operational, commercial processes and good digital marketing practices in all company activities.
  • Fair trade policy: fair/low commission. Commitment to a fair price policy with the partner and the customer.
  • Development, structuring and promotion of cultural traditions in local communities in the territories where it operates, with special emphasis on the Interior and the Azores.


We actively participate in field work with partners in a collaborative way with institutions and agents specialized in boosting the territory.




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